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The Chinese Taipei School (KL) Celebrates Its 30th Anniversary and Graduation Ceremony Online

The Chinese Taipei School Kuala Lumpur celebrated the school’s 30th anniversary on 22 May 2021. The school has been providing high-quality education for students since 1991 using Taiwan’s curricula and teaching methods.

The Malaysian government has been implementing strict measures in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, and holding in-person activities are not permitted, so the school organized an online ceremony for the celebration of its 30th anniversary.

Anne Hung, the representative at the Taipei Economic and Cultural Office in Malaysia, made congratulatory remarks via video and expressed her appreciation to the board of directors, principal and teachers for establishing an excellent learning environment for the students. She said that the Chinese Taipei School Kuala Lumpur has played an important role in providing quality education to children of the overseas Taiwanese business people and it has also promoted Taiwan’s quality education and culture.

Taiwan and Malaysia have enjoyed cordial relationship over the years, and she pointed out that Taiwan has always been one of Malaysia’s major trading partners – the fifth largest. Bilateral trade between Taiwan and Malaysia registered US$19.34 billion last year, and Taiwan’s accumulated investment in Malaysia reached $13.8 billion. In addition, people to people exchanges in areas such as education, and tourism have been substantial. She ended her remarks by wishing the Chinese Taipei School Kuala Lumpur continued success and a bright future, based on its 30 years of excellence.

Tu Shu Yao, the chairperson of the school board, Mr. Lin Young Chang, the president of the Taipei Investors’ Association in Malaysia, and Cheng Ya Fen, the principal of the school spoke during the ceremony and congratulated the school for its many successes. After their speeches, a video was played. Thirty people--29 students from kindergarten to high school level and Mr. Tu, the chairperson of the Board--passed a torch from hand to hand in the school field, symbolizing the 30 years since the school was established. Then at the end of the online ceremony, Mr. Tu raised the torch and wished the school the very best for the future.

On the same day, May 22, the school also held its first alumni reunion, livestreamed through the school’s Facebook page. The alumni, now living in different places, shared many precious memories of the school during the one-hour session. It was a great opportunity for them to catch up with each other and celebrate the school’s 30th anniversary.

On June 12, the school held another online graduation ceremony to congratulate the students graduating from kindergarten, primary school, middle school, and high school. A representative of the graduating students recorded a video to express their appreciation for the teachers and school, and their teachers made a video conveying their wishes to those students. It was a warm and touching graduation ceremony despite the coronavirus outbreak.

The Covid-19 pandemic has led schools world-wide to make many significant changes to ways of learning and teaching. The Chinese Taipei School Kuala Lumpur has been determined to adapt to the new normal—incorporating virtual, online, and hybrid approaches—while ensuring that it still provides quality education to maintain students’ learning and expand their vision.

The online 30th anniversary celebration and online graduation ceremony both demonstrated the success of their efforts and drew a lot of compliments.


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