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SKLAATUC Called on Education Division, TECO Praised Taiwan A Muslim-friendly Destination for Stu

Attendees of the meeting included Lim Tow Ping (left, first row), Charlin Chang (middle, first row), Alice Chen (right, first row), Wong Shyun Chyh (left, second row), Ng Poh Keong (middle, second row), and Tan Loke Ping (right, second row).

As a milestone of the collaboration in promoting educational exchanges between Taiwan and Malaysia, the Selangor and Kuala Lumpur Alumni Association of Taiwan Universities & Colleges made an official call on March 24th, 2021 to the Education Division, Taipei Economic and Cultural Office in Malaysia (TECO) to present the bilingual booklet “Study in Taiwan”, a collaborative product of the Association and the Education Division aiming at encouraging more Malaysian students to further study in Taiwan.


Lim Tow Ping, the President of the Association mentioned that the excellent academic environment and cultural richness in society make Taiwan one of the best study abroad destinations for young generations. With the increasing English taught courses introduced in the universities and colleges in Taiwan and the government’s effort in establishing a Muslim-friendly environment, many international students are interested in either undertaking full-time degree courses or learning Mandarin in Taiwan. As Halal restaurants and prayer rooms are easy to find in Taiwan nowadays, Taiwan is now a popular choice among Muslim students. Students from various backgrounds are welcomed to pursue their dreams in Taiwan and return to contribute to the local society after graduation.


Charlin Chang, Education Director of TECO added that Taiwan’s higher education stresses creative and industry-driven innovation making it one of the best study abroad destinations for international students. Despite the COVID-19 pandemic, there were still 20,000 students who flew to Taiwan in 2020 which made a total more than 60,000 international students, not include non-degree students, pursue their degrees in Taiwan in the year. This increase, not seen in other countries during COVID-19 pandemic, shows not only that international students have confidence in Taiwan’s higher education but also Taiwan has the ability to build up future for talents. She also expressed appreciations to all the Taiwan alumni and associations in promoting studying in Taiwan to Malaysian students. The bilingual booklet published by the two sides will broaden the readers' knowledge on the education system in Taiwan.


The booklet in electronic format is available on the website of the Education Division, TECO ( and Facebook page of the Association ( The 2021 Online Exposition on higher education in Taiwan is also available at .  Apart from the above information, Director Chang also reminded that students who would like to apply for the Taiwan Scholarship and Huayu Scholarship should submit the application before March 31st. The two scholarship programs are offered by the Ministry of Education, Taiwan to encourage students to undertake degree or Mandarin courses in Taiwan. For more details please visit


Attendees of the meeting included Lim Tow Ping, (the President), Ng Poh Keong (the Vice President), Wong Shyun Chyh (the Director of Further Study Department), Tan Loke Ping (the Director of Further Study Department) and Charlin Chang, Alice Chen from Education Division, TECO.


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