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Launching Ceremony of 2024 Taiwan Higher Education Fair to Promote Study in Taiwan

The Launching Ceremony of 2024 Taiwan Higher Education Fair was organized by the Federation of Alumni Associations of Taiwan Universities, Malaysia (FAATUM) on February 25, 2024. The Fair will take place in Muar, Kuala Lumpur, Klang, Ipoh, Kuching and Kota Kinabalu, from April 23 to May 6, 2024, introducing the locals to the newest information about studying in Taiwan.

In her remarks, Representative Phoebe Yeh marked the fair as one of Taiwan’s biggest overseas educational events, enabling representatives from Taiwan’s universities to introduce face-to-face the latest information to students and parents across Malaysia, and affirmed the efforts and contributions of the FAATUM in promoting studying in Taiwan. In recent years, Taiwan has developed into an ideal destination for studying abroad. More than 100,000 Malaysians have pursued higher education in Taiwan over the past seven decades and established dozens of alumni associations in Malaysia. She added that Taiwan offers an abundance of scholarship opportunities every year to attract outstanding international talents to study in Taiwan and encouraged Malaysian students to grasp the opportunities.

Mr. Tan Tai Kim, chairman of the United Chinese School Committees Association of Malaysia (Dong Zong), said that with Taiwanese universities consistently rising in the global rankings in recent years, Taiwan has become one of Asia’s leading hubs for higher education. To further develop their own distinctive identities, the higher institutions in Taiwan have been actively promoting diversity and flexibility in courses and admission systems, along with innovative teaching methods in response to the trends and meet the demands of individual students. He encouraged the public, especially students to attend the fair to obtain first-hand information about the courses, scholarship opportunities, and free study counseling through direct interaction with the university representatives.

Datuk Seri Panglima Dr. Tang Yong Chew, JP, the chairman of FAATUM, emphasized that Taiwan is renowned for its top-notch education system, friendly and liberal atmosphere, as well as reasonable tuition and living expenses. It has always been a popular study destination for Malaysian students over the years. Hence, he hoped that students could grab the opportunity to interact with university representatives, pick up new knowledge from the professionals, and broaden their horizons at the fair.

The distinguished guests in the event included Mr. Cheah Lek Aee, the president of United Chinese School Teachers' Association of Malaysia (Jiao Zong), Dato Seri Prof. Tang Ying Lik, president of Persatuan Perniagaan Malaysia-Taiwan (MTTFA), Ms. Charlin Chang, Director of TECO Education Division, and Mr. Lin Kai Min, president of Taiwan Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Malaysia.

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