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Followed Strict RMCO SOP, 2020 TOCFL Held Successfully

The 2020 Test of Chinese as a Foreign Language (TOCFL) organized by the Education Division of Taipei Economic and Cultural Office in Malaysia was held on August 8th, 2020 in Kuala Lumpur. This year, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, following Recovery Movement Control Order (RMCO) prevention policies are the main priorities of the test that Education Division took actions of strict preventative standard operation procedure (SOP) ensure that the test takers can sit the test in a safe environment. In the pre-examination meeting, Director Charlin Chang, Education Division of TECO in Malaysia appreciated the efforts of the invigilators and staffs on behalf of the Ministry of Education, Taiwan. She mentioned that organizing TOCFL is a challenging task with the implementation of the Movement Control Order (MCO) during this pandemic crisis. The test was originally set on April 25th, however, due to the MCO and the travel restrictions announced by the government, the test has to postpone to August 8th. To protect the rights and safety of each candidate, Education Division and the school have adopted rigorous prevention measures such as disinfect the test venues before and after the test, measure the body temperature of each candidate and ask the candidates to clean their hands with hand sanitizer before entering the campus, requesting each candidate to fill out a health declaration form regarding their health status and travel history. Apart from requiring the candidates to wear face masks at all time in the campus, the distance between each seat is also arranged according to the social distance advised by the government so that the candidates can take the test with peace of mind. Charlin Chang added that apart from TOCFL, Taiwan provides high-quality Mandarin language courses, with experienced teachers and interesting teaching materials. Currently, there are more than 60 accredited Mandarin Language Centers in Taiwan, offering various Mandarin programs and related resources which are suitable for all kind of Mandarin learners. Malaysian students, regardless of race and background are welcomed to learn the beauty of Mandarin in the Mandarin Language Centers in Taiwan and thus immerse themselves in the friendly and democratic society in Taiwan. This year, a total of 120 candidates from different backgrounds registered for the TOCFL in Malaysia. Among them, 2 are sitting for Band A (beginner level), 35 are taking for Band B (intermediate level), and 83 are sitting for Band C (advanced level). The age of the candidates ranges from 14 years old to 54 years old. To highlight, there are also included Malay and Korean candidates in this TOCFL test. Some of the candidates are English educated; while most of them are students, some of the candidates work as educators, administrators, marketers, and others. Starting from 10:00 AM, the listening and reading test was conducted for an hour each respectively, and thus the duration of the test was 2 hours. Education Division pointed out that the TOCFL acts as a useful and standardized assessment tool for Mandarin proficiency levels which is in corresponding with CEFR and ACTFL Proficiency Guidelines. Apart from being the necessary document for the “Ministry of Education Taiwan Scholarship” application, the TOCFL certificate also acts as a useful reference document of the Mandarin Language Proficiency Level for Taiwan Universities and College application. For many Taiwanese enterprises in Malaysia, the TOCFL certificate plays an important role in evaluating the Mandarin Language skill of an individual. Aside from the annual TOCFL, the Education Division encourages educational institutions or international schools to apply for holding the Test for TOCFL to evaluate students’ Mandarin Language proficiency as well as assess the instruction and learning outcomes. For further information regarding TOCFL , kindly visit the website of the Education Division (


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