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🌟📣📣3月16日華語文能力測驗推廣型講座:命題設計與測驗準備(聽力測驗)🤩免費線上講座 Sign Up Now❗TOCFL Test Preparation Seminar for Listening Test will be held online on March 16, 2024

🌟📣📣📣華測會將於2024年3月16日辦理推廣型講座:命題設計與測驗準備(聽力測驗基礎級、進階級) #免費線上講座,歡迎報名參與!



A TOCFL Test Preparation Seminar for #ListeningTest #BandA & #BandB will be held online on March 16, 2024, sign up now!📣📣

The seminar will shares insights/tips on preparing for the TOCFL test, covering topics such as explanations of question types, test-taking techniques, and preparation strategies.

📌報名網址 Registration :

📌報名截止日期 Registration Deadline: 2024/03/08


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