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2024 Academia Sinica's TIIP Internship Workshop in Malaysia 臺灣中研院2024 年暑期實習計畫

Academia Sinica Taiwan, one of Taiwan's premier research institutions will conduct a workshop in Malaysia from November 30 to December 3, 2023, to introduce the Taiwan International Internship Program (TIIP) and discover the remarkable internship possibilities at Academia Sinica. During the workshop, participants will gain insights into the TIIP and have the opportunity for One-on-One Sessions, providing a deeper understanding of the diverse internship experiences available.

臺灣中央研究院將於2023年11月30日至12月3日在馬來西亞舉辦招生活動,介紹2024年暑期實習計畫Taiwan International Internship Program (TIIP),並且會舉辦 One-on-One Sessions,藉由與學生一對一會談,讓他們詳細了解相關學程。

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