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2023/24 International Master’s Program in Agricultural Economics of NTU is Available Now!

The admission application for the International Master’s Program in Agricultural Economics of National Taiwan University (NTU) this year has begun. The all-English International Master’s Program in Agricultural Economics is the only department of agricultural economics in Taiwan.

Moreover, it is also the only program in NTU that offers TaiwanICDF scholarship offering the following waivers for 2 years:

1. 100% Tuition, Dorm, Insurance, Textbooks, ARC fees Weaver

2. A round flight ticket

3. Nearly 500 USD allowance per month

4. Free Mandarin Chinese Courses

5. Exclusive activities

Please apply through the following online systems:

1. Apply through the Office of International Affairs (OIA) of National Taiwan University (NTU)

Application Date: ~ 20th Feb. 2023:

2. TaiwanICDF Scholarship Online Application System (~March 2023):

(1) Online application:

(2) Send all the required documents to the Embassy or Representative Office in the applicant's country.

Other useful information for the application:

1. Program Introduction Video:

2. Program FB page:

3. Program webpage:

4. Other scholarships:

For more information, please contact Mr. Alan Wu

TEL: +886 2 3366 2674;


Address: 10617 Department of Agricultural Economics, National Taiwan University, No. 1 Roosevelt Rd., Da’an District, Taipei, Taiwan.

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