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SIT (Study in Taiwan) 人才資料庫之外籍畢 (結)業生流向問卷 SIT (Study in Taiwan) Database Survey for Alumni

教育部為瞭解外籍留臺校友畢結業後動態,增進互動交 流,設置留臺校友人才資料庫(亦稱Taiwan Alumni Database)及流向問卷。請留臺校友踴躍填寫前述問卷。

本問卷提供線上版網站如下: 1、英文版: 2、中文版:

To better understand the information of our alumni and provide the latest job vacancies and related career information in Taiwan, the SIT (Study in Taiwan) Database has set up a database survey for the alumni.

The websites for the surveys are as below:


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