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FAATUM Held Counseling and Educational Cooperation Innovative Workshop in Malaysia to Promote Study in Taiwan and Enhance Talent Cultivation Cooperation

With the key objectives of strengthening Taiwan-Malaysia talent cultivation and education cooperation, the Study in Taiwan Counseling and Educational Cooperation Innovative Workshop was held at Holiday Inn Express Kuala Lumpur from December 16 to 18, 2022. The three-day workshop was organized by the Federation of Alumni Association of Taiwan Universities, Malaysia (FAATUM) and Education Division of the Taipei Economic and Cultural Office in Malaysia.


The workshop was designed to provide a platform for counselors and related personnel all over Malaysia to enhance their counseling skills and learn some new approaches to counseling, especially during the after-pandemic time. Four major themes of the workshop were: innovative study counseling, talent cultivation, a better understanding of education in Taiwan, and the use of study counseling tools. The topics related to the strategies for promoting study in Taiwan, the current industrial talent demands in the post-pandemic era and multiple admission channels opportunities of Taiwan’s Higher Education Institutions, and so on were addressed in the workshop. The speakers from Taiwan were invited to give the experience-sharing session and motivational talks.


Deputy Representative Lien of TECO Malaysia was invited to attend the opening ceremony of the event on December 16. In her opening remark, Taiwan enjoys higher education with world-class quality, especially in technology and the distinctive Chinese learning environment, offering 18 academic disciplines, more than 2000 international courses, and interdisciplinary learning. Around 13,000 Malaysian students were recorded to further study in Taiwan in 2021 despite the pandemic. Hence, she expressed gratitude to FAATUM and alumni associations for organizing education seminars, to introduce the study information in Taiwan to students and parents across Malaysia.


Mr. Pang King Hoe, the deputy president of the FAATUM was invited to give the welcoming speech. He appreciated the support and assistance of the Ministry of Education, Taiwan and the TECO Education Division in Malaysia. He stated that a counselor plays an essential role in guiding students to prepare themselves well for their future participation in society and a suitable career. Thus, he hoped that the participants will have a better understanding of the latest development in Taiwan's education system, providing up-to-date study information in Taiwan and job opportunities after graduation with students. 


Mr. Pang Thou Chong, the vice president of the FAATUM, said that various ideas and points of view were gathered through the exchanges between the professionals and the participants, which had connected each other. It was regarded as a significant milestone of enhanced education cooperation and talent cultivation between both sides in the new year.


The guests included Deputy Representative Lien, Mr. Pang King Hoe, Mr. Pang Thou Chong, Prof. Liu Chao-Ming, the advisor of the Taiwan University Entrance Committee for Overseas Chinese Students (TUECOCS), Prof. Yang Chou-sung, the executive secretary of TUECOCS, Ms. Charlin Chang, Director of TECO Education Division, committees of FAATUM, representatives of Taiwan universities, and media.


The three-day workshop was highly encouraging, received positive feedback from the participants. It is anticipated that the knowledge gained would improve the counselors' professional skills when conducting counseling sessions with students and promoting study in Taiwan.

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