Dato’ Law Choo Kiang Receives Distinguished Taiwan Alumni Award

Penang State Legislative Assembly Speaker Dato' Law Choo Kiang receives the 2nd ‘Distinguished Taiwan Alumni Award’.

The Ministry of Education (MOE)Taiwan announced the winners of the 2nd ‘Distinguished Taiwan Alumni Award’, Dato’ Law Choo Kiang, the Speaker of the Penang State Legislative Assembly, who is also the Outstanding Alumni of National Chung Hsing University Taiwan, is one of the five awardees. Representative Anne Hung of Taipei Economic and Cultural Office in Malaysia expressed her congratulations to Dato' Law for his outstanding achievement.

Graduating from the College of Law and Business at National Chung Hsing University (NCHU), he was awarded as an Outstanding Alumni of NCHU in 2018. A profound and pragmatic politician, he is also enthusiastic about promoting Chinese education. He believes that it is the duty and responsibility of Chinese Malaysian politicians to strive for fair and reasonable treatment and status for Chinese education, which is also the mission of Taiwan alumni. In addition, he had facilitated the agricultural collaboration between Malaysia and Taiwan, by leading delegations off to various areas of Taiwan to inspect and learn from Taiwan's agricultural transformation when he was the chairman of the Penang State Agriculture and Agro-based Industry Committee and then pragmatically promote the agricultural reform in Penang. Besides, Dato' Law has visited Taiwan many times to promote a wide range of cooperative bilateral exchanges and is a true friend of Taiwan.

Dato' Law said, "It is a great honour to be granted the "Distinguished Taiwan Alumni Award" by the Ministry of Education of Taiwan. I have been in politics and public service for many years and received a lot of support along the way. Studying in Taiwan not only laid a strong foundation for my ability but provided precious opportunity to make Taiwanese friends and partners.

Dato' Law once wrote in the Special Issue of NCHU Distinguished Alumni: "University life is extremely important for every alumni. What you gain is not only an exceptional student life, but more importantly,

cultivating your personality, learning, distinguishing right from wrong, knowing the truth, and gaining knowledge.” His models and words have inspired many young students.

Anne Hung, the Representative of Taipei Economic and Cultural Office (TECO) in Malaysia congratulated Dato' Law on his achievement. " Dato' Law has made considerable accomplishment in political and public affairs, management, agricultural reform, and international cooperation. He well-deserved it. Malaysia has always been one of the countries with the largest number of foreign students in Taiwan. Malaysian students also outperform other international students on campus, often selected for various awards and recognition, of which we are very proud."

The MOE of Taiwan inaugurated the Distinguished Taiwan Alumni Awards in 2018 to recognize the outstanding performance of foreigners who have studied in Taiwan, strengthen international exchanges, and inspires international students. The winners are selected for their outstanding achievements and considerable contributions in the fields of academic research, industry & commerce, politics, humanities & communications and others which deserves to be recognized to their country and society.

The 2nd ‘Distinguished Taiwan Alumni Award’ given to 5 awardees in 2021 also included alumi from Marshall, Indonesia, France and Belgium. Dato' Law Choo Kiang is the only awardee in political field.