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Bachelor Program in Innovative Teaching Chinese as a Second Language at NTPU 國立臺北大學「創新華語文教學學士學位學程」

The Bachelor Program in Innovative Teaching Chinese as a Second Language (ITCSL) at National Taipei University is designed for international students who have completed high school. There are two enrollment opportunities per year, with the application period for the spring semester beginning in early September and ending in late October. The spring semester will commence on February 19, 2023, and the language requirement for admission to the spring semester is CEFR B1.

Here are the key features of ITCSL:

1. Proficiency in Chinese: Through systematic language learning and practical activities, students will enhance their listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills in Chinese to a level of CEFR C1 or above.

2. Chinese Teaching Skills: A comprehensive course of 20 credits on Chinese teaching skills will provide students with a solid foundation to become excellent Chinese teachers.

3. Minor in Business Management: Within the minimum graduation requirement of 128 credits, students have the option to take 24 credits to obtain a minor in Business Management.

ITCSL aims to provide students with a comprehensive and enriching learning experience. Students will receive systematic cultivation and professional guidance in both Chinese language proficiency and teaching abilities. Additionally, the elective courses from the Department of Business Administration will open up broader career development paths, offering more choices and opportunities for students.

For further inquiries regarding ITCSL or other related matters, please refer to the details below:-

Bachelor Program in Innovative Teaching Chinese as a Second Language (ITCSL), National Taipei University

  • Contact: Evelyn, Peiyu Chen(Administrative Assistant)

  • Address: No.151, University Road, SanXia District, New Taipei City, 23741 Taiwan

  • Tel:886-2-8674-1111 ext. 66633

  • Email:

  • Website:

國立臺北大學「創新華語文教學學士學位學程」(Bachelor Program in Innovative Teaching Chinese as a Second Language,簡稱ITCSL),是為高中畢業的國際學生設計的學士學位課程。該學程一年有兩次入學機會,今年9月初~10月底開始春季班申請入學,春季班於2023年2月19日開學,春季班入學語言要求為CEFR B1。


1. 精通華語文:通過系統性的語言學習和實踐活動,提高學生聽說讀寫華語文能力至CEFR C1以上程度。

2. 華語文教學能力: 完整華語文教學能力課程20學分,為成為優秀的華語文教師打下紮實的基礎。

3. 輔系企業管理學系:在畢業最低要求128學分內,可修習24學分獲得企業管理學系輔系。





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