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2021全球青年趨勢論壇 Global Youth Trends Forum

2021全球青年趨勢論壇即將於2021年10月9日(星期六)登場 !​

Learning Creates Australia創辦人暨澳大利亞青年基金會(Foundation for Young Australians(FYA))執行長, Jan Owen 的經驗分享!



⠀  ⭓ 論壇主題:全球夥伴關係-疫情下的全球青年

▎直播時間:10/9 (六) 10:10-12:30 (UTC+8) ▎直播平台:【YouTube】

2021 Global Youth Trends Forum is going to be on air October 9th,2021 this Saturday​!

Jan Owen, Australia's inaugural Australian Financial Review and Westpac Woman of Influence, will share her opinions and ideas based on her experiences of being the founder of Learning Creates Australia and CEO of Foundation for Young Australians(FYA) !​

The grandest youth exchange event in the world is going to see you soon.

Join the link and you will be able to know the viewpoints of international experts and live life in the new normal during the pandemic with the global youth💞

Theme: Global Partnership - The Impact of COVID-19 on Global Youth

▎Time: Oct 9 (Sat.), 10:10-12:30 (UTC+8)

▎Platform: YouTube


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