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由臺灣國立成功大學馬來西亞區海外基地(NCKU Overseas Hub in Malaysia)所辦理的成大短片競賽目前已經開始,參賽者只需製作不超過60秒的短片,然後將短片上傳至臉書帖文,並附上相關標註以及主題標籤,歡迎成大校友們及在籍學生踴躍參與,把您心目中最美好的成大呈現出來!


The “NCKU Overseas Hub in Malaysia Short Video Contest” has been launched now, all students and alumni of NCKU are encouraged to join the contest and get a chance to win up to USD350 cash prize! For detailed contest terms and conditions and online registration form, please visit For inquiries related to the contest, please email to


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