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國立政治大學商學院博士學程 NCCU’s College of Commerce PhD Programs Admission!

As a first tier business school in Taiwan, NCCUC ( College of Commerce, National Chengchi University ) aims to educate students in the field of academic research and business administration, stressing theoretical knowledge as well as hands-on practical experience. We are dedicated to building a learning environment that converges various disciplines and brings forth the wisdom and philosophy of both east and west cultures. Multidimensional training has been the fulcrum over the years in teaching and research, providing support to students from various backgrounds to become future leaders.

Our 2020 Admission Brochure is now on-line, the 2020 intake starts from 3rd January to 20th March 2020 (17:00 GMT+8). To gain first-hand insights such as admission process, classes, peers, or overseas exchange opportunities, please go to our PhD Website for more!

NCCUC PhD Website:

On-line Application Portal:


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